Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Seedy Addiction

Have you ever noticed how incredibly addicting seed purchasing can be? Your mind becomes filled with all of these thoughts of possible flowers and veggies and fruits that you could grow- that you could enjoy- that would just be: AWESOME.
So I spent the majority of a $25 giftcard that my sister in law got me on buying seeds. I had just recently bought a whole lot of them and told myself- No More! Yeah right.
This time I purchased some lettuce, thai chili peppers, and a whole heap of pretty flowing plants (Coreopsis, cosmos, pansies...) Gotta brighten up the house a bit, I think.

This is also great because by the time I move out later in the year- I will have a whole bunch of big healthy plants to take with me to my new apartment! Plus, gardening with the mom and sis isnt too bad either. :P

Quickly- let me just add how amazing that Jamie at Home book is. I feel like its straight from an old british womans home- great photographs inside- gardening tips- and awesome recipes. Easy stuff, but delicious stuff-- which is always the BEST stuff.


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