Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just got home from work- Ah! Tattooing all day long! I love it. It can be tiring- especially if you have to sit in awkward positions for prolonged periods of time just to get a straight line, but hey- its worth it!
To the left- you will see a little nugget that I discovered last night in the fridge... it was a delicious shallot that I had purchased a couple of weeks ago and forgot about. I got so excited to see this little green sprout shoot out of the top of it because it made me was to immediately stick it in the ground somewhere! I wrapped it in a napkin and have been hording it in Jon's room since then. Tomorrow I will take it to my house and plant it somewhere! Yay! Delicious shallots forever!!!

My garlic plants seem to be doing very... umm.. well- theyre really not doing much of anything it seems. They grew quickly at first, but they just seem to be sitting there without re
ally developing big strong, green tops. Are they a cold weather crop? They might also not have sufficient space to grow down below because of the weird soil conditions I stuck em in. It was more of an experiment I think: to see if they'd actually do something.

My zucchini is doing pretty ok- but I think the soil isnt nutrient rich enough for the young growing stud muffins. Im going to really try and go purchase some really good organic soil tomorrow for them and other young men in the garden.

... is that weird? Hahha They are little growing men. Ever feel like some plants are female, while others are male? Its weird, I know.

I am going to try and take some gardening pics tomorrow to post up here. I really want to have this blog be really photo heavy with lots of good stuff. Ah- time for the you grow girl forums, YAY!


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