Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yogurt never looked so good

taro frozen yogurt, strawberries, kiwi, white chocolate chips, mochi, and honey smacks :)

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quick pics from my phone

My sister did my hair last sunday- LOVE

Above is my first experience with false lashes- cut my e.l.f. Ones in half and just put em on the ends. I dug it- must experiment more!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hard Candy @ Walmart Review..

In case you didnt know, Walmart is now carrying the Hard Candy brand at a super cheap price. Pretty much everything is around $10 and under. I picked up a couple of items.....

I really wanted to dabble in the lipstick department and was really disappointed in the color choices. This one called "FireWall" was the only one I figured I would actually be able to wear. Its a true nude color, and the texture is really creamy and slick.. but I think the color pay off is really lame. I usually only swipe once quickly on my bottom lip and either layer with gloss or leave just that little bit. Otherwise, I looks like someone shot a load on my mouth-- But JUST on my lips. The color is really inconsistent and settles in the creases of my lips. No Bueno.
PS: The packaging on this is super lame. Maybe its just because I work at a tattoo shop, but trying to throw bullshit flash on my cosmetics just doesnt fly with me. Stop it.

Glitter liner of some kind? I think I removed at least 3 layers of skin around my eyes before I got any kind of glitter at all out of this. Thanks to adding on to my already growing wrinkles.

This has to be the biggest disappointment out of all of the items. There is no pigment in these WHATSOEVER and an extreme amount of shimmer. Thanks for making me look like a rubbed chicken grease all up on my face. Shit. The shimmer is so extreme that residue was STILL left on my blush brush afterwards (even though I thought I had rubbed it all out) and fucked my face up the second time around as well. LAME!

Ok now onto some of the items I actually liked..

These are also extremely shimmerific but the color pay off is pretty fair and the combos are pretty nice as well.


Chop Suey eyeliner pencil is this super bright electric blue and looks amazing. The color is pretty bright and is long wearing if you layer it enough to get it really opaque. Also, cute packaging- I feel the need almost to pick my hair up in a bun and stick this pencil in it!.. almost.

 Adorable packaging on these lip balms! Each color is a different girl and so instead of a color for the name, theyre just chicks names. Its a pretty nice balm- slick and smooth- cool rounded bottle shape- slight bit of color- the only downfall is the lite plastic smell it has. There is no flavor or scent- just.. plastic. Ehh, its not so bad.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm feeling the EkiLove

Received my EkiLove package in the mail this  morning....

Let me start off by saying that there was a bit of a discrepancy when I had placed the order and had to wait until she purchased more supplies to make the necklaces that I ordered.. 
Let me just say.. Eki has to be the nicest person to walk the Earth. She sent me an email right away letting me know of the problem and then promised to send it out as soon as she could! She kept me posted 100% of the way and she  even included an extra set of earrings!!
Just look at how amazingly cute all of it is, and she even sent some melon candies and two types of tea! I LOVE TEA. Needless to say, I drank Green Tea this morning for breakfast thanks to her.

Please check out her website here.
She makes all of the jewelry herself, and I think she even has DSi cases that she makes herself as well! AMAZING.

As far as the quality of the products I purchased.. I couldnt of wished for more! The items are all reasonably priced and they look amazing, online and in person. I am so happy with my purchases and I know that my friend (Whose birthday just past) is going to equally enjoy them as well.

Thank you again EKI! I've got to give it to you, you've got one awesome thing going here. ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Garden Update

Enough with all of this purchasing.. here are some goods from the garden.

My sea of Oregano. Christ. Its taking over everything.


How this is actually growing well in Miami weather.. I can no idea. The only thing I can think of is these cold fronts we've had somehow fooled mother nature...


And Lastly.. Brussel Sprouts!


Hopefully I will actually get to eat some of this...

Ok last one I promise!

I was approached by a friend of mine this morning to go in on a order with her and some of her friends. How could I say no? Below are the images of shit I ordered....
There was also one more pair of black heels but I couldnt get an image for you.

I think Im going to go through my shit and sell some more stuff on Ebay. I could always do it here was well... What do you think? Would you be interested?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recent Purchases!

Ok! No more purchases for a long time! I promise!
Ordered this super cute blue floral dress from as well as this necklace. So cute! Ive heard good things about this website from some youtubers that I subscribe to. Very reasonably priced items and I hear its fast shipping (although I havent received my package yet) So I am very excited to see how it all looks.

Have you heard of Pure Luxe Cosmetics? There so so many awesome reviews about this company and the wonderful woman running it. I ordered:

SAMPLE Eye Color
Item# , SAMPLE Eye Color: Darling
$1.00 USD1$1.00 USD
5g Translucent Matte
$4.00 USD1$4.00 USD
SAMPLE Powder Foundation
Item# , Choose Shade: Ivory
$1.00 USD1$1.00 USD
Item# , SAMPLE Lip Wand: Nymph-o-mania
$1.25 USD1$1.25 USD

They have $1 samples! How amazing is that? And when youre talking about loose powdered pigments, youre talking a whole lot for a little but of $$

Another E.L.F. purchase? Yes please. Studio line is awesome. Along side these products I also picked  up a tweezer (just because I refuse to continue using the busted up one i have at home) and I think also an eyebrow kit (dont own one, but need one) and one other product I just cant remember for the life of me right now. Let me just say- I have chonga eyebrows without meaning to! My eyebrows DO NOT GROW. Whats up with that ladies? I think i plucked them thin one time when I was 18 and theyve stayed the same ever since. Bummer. Must add makeup to thicken.


Please check out the Nars Muliples set is selling for $40! Just one full sized multiple is that price, here you are getting 3 smaller sizes. In case you dont know, just one Nars multiple can last you for what seems a lifetime, so i am definitely ok with have a smaller size product but receiving three different shades! One of which is their ultra famous "Orgasm" shade. Oh yes. Sweet Delight.
PS: Yes. That is the Kim Kardashian perfume (rollerball style bitch). Maaannn, forget that woman- her fragrance just smells awesome! Right up my alley: Gardenia, Honeysuckle and whatnot.

Ohhh maann Cant wait to recieve all of this in the mail...
What? It's been a good couple of weeks at work! Plus, no more shopping for me for a long, long time. Im getting my shit together!