Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hard Candy @ Walmart Review..

In case you didnt know, Walmart is now carrying the Hard Candy brand at a super cheap price. Pretty much everything is around $10 and under. I picked up a couple of items.....

I really wanted to dabble in the lipstick department and was really disappointed in the color choices. This one called "FireWall" was the only one I figured I would actually be able to wear. Its a true nude color, and the texture is really creamy and slick.. but I think the color pay off is really lame. I usually only swipe once quickly on my bottom lip and either layer with gloss or leave just that little bit. Otherwise, I looks like someone shot a load on my mouth-- But JUST on my lips. The color is really inconsistent and settles in the creases of my lips. No Bueno.
PS: The packaging on this is super lame. Maybe its just because I work at a tattoo shop, but trying to throw bullshit flash on my cosmetics just doesnt fly with me. Stop it.

Glitter liner of some kind? I think I removed at least 3 layers of skin around my eyes before I got any kind of glitter at all out of this. Thanks to adding on to my already growing wrinkles.

This has to be the biggest disappointment out of all of the items. There is no pigment in these WHATSOEVER and an extreme amount of shimmer. Thanks for making me look like a rubbed chicken grease all up on my face. Shit. The shimmer is so extreme that residue was STILL left on my blush brush afterwards (even though I thought I had rubbed it all out) and fucked my face up the second time around as well. LAME!

Ok now onto some of the items I actually liked..

These are also extremely shimmerific but the color pay off is pretty fair and the combos are pretty nice as well.


Chop Suey eyeliner pencil is this super bright electric blue and looks amazing. The color is pretty bright and is long wearing if you layer it enough to get it really opaque. Also, cute packaging- I feel the need almost to pick my hair up in a bun and stick this pencil in it!.. almost.

 Adorable packaging on these lip balms! Each color is a different girl and so instead of a color for the name, theyre just chicks names. Its a pretty nice balm- slick and smooth- cool rounded bottle shape- slight bit of color- the only downfall is the lite plastic smell it has. There is no flavor or scent- just.. plastic. Ehh, its not so bad.


Liann said...

I got:
Baked blush in Honeymoon because it's pretty much a dupe of MAC Mineralized Skin Finish. It's just a peachy highlighter, really.

Liquid liners in purple (Sugar Plum) and navy (Flip Side). They took a while to dry but they don't budge once they've set. I already like the texture way better than MAC's Liquidlast.

Tinted moisturizer in the lightest shade because it was the only one that didn't have a pink undertone. It smells like sunscreen and preliminary tests appear to demonstrate the "tint" actually blending out into "clear," but I'm going to try it out on a fresh face tomorrow.

Nail polish in Envy. This shit is beautiful. Reminds me of some high end color that Chanel might produce (eg Black Satin, Blue Satin, etc, but a green version).

I really wanted to get a concealer palette because I want a green concealer but I read SO many terrible reviews that I knew it would be a waste of time. I hope the TM works out. Everything else is a keeper so far!

Pooka said...

LOL, you seem to have a much better array of items than I chose. Havent tried the regular liquid liners, and I really want to purchase some nail colors. Last time I painted my nails with them- I was in middle school. Online @ they have such a variety its amazing. Im definitely going to buy a yellow and a teal one. I own every shade of pink and red under the sun so I figured I would try something different. Hopefully they dont make me look sick :\

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