Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ok last one I promise!

I was approached by a friend of mine this morning to go in on a order with her and some of her friends. How could I say no? Below are the images of shit I ordered....
There was also one more pair of black heels but I couldnt get an image for you.

I think Im going to go through my shit and sell some more stuff on Ebay. I could always do it here was well... What do you think? Would you be interested?


Liann said...

Dude, look at that girl's hair!!! So cute. I was thinking about volunteering to go in on a purchase there with you, but I guess I'm too late. Oh, and I picked up some samples from Aromaleigh last night. They have 25% off some collections and it even includes sample sizes! They have a gothic lolita collection and a Rocks! collection in which all the colors are named after songs... some legit song titles in there. If you haven't checked out Lime Crime, google it. It's a makeup brand made by some internet celebrity that's notorious for bad customer service and repackaging wholesale mica to sell it for 10x it's value. It's a little dramatic of a situation, but an interesting read if you're into makeup blogging.

Pooka said...

If youre interested in going in on the order you still can. The order has not been placed yet! I will let me friends know that I have someone else coming in on it if you can send me an email today with all your goods. You would then paypal the money over to my friend so the order can be placed. Let me know asap... I will probably just text you anyway :P

Lime Crime: Very interested but something has been keeping me back from actually ordering from that woman. Not sure what it is.. maybe one day I will order just one lipstick and see how it goes.

Aromaleigh? Never heard of it. Going to check it out right now- thanks!

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