Saturday, November 28, 2009

Random update!

Hi. I'm at work right now and decided to update my blog via my phone! Aahh, the wonders of 2009.

Saw these nails at walgreens and couldn't resist! They've got autumn type flowers kind of like airbrushed on the tips so I thought they would go great for Thanksgiving....

Seriously. I just wrote a fucking long ass paragraph and my phone deleted it. FUCK YOU PHONE! Over and out.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Quick Update

Oh. Hai. That was fun yesterday. The stache has been passed around to my sister and even to my father. Should of taken some photos of that- :P

Going shopping tomorrow at Target (sttoookkkeeedd) and am very interested in purchasing e.l.f. products. They are RIDICULOUSLY cheap. Almost TOO cheap, which makes me fear that im putting extremely cheap toxic chemicals all over my face.... I have seen a bunch of reviews on youtube about them and from what I hear, they are actually really good quality!
We will see...
hopefully I dont spend too much money tomorrow. :6

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What a treat!

I got my new bag in yesterday apparently (no one told me anything!) and saw it this morning when I arrived at my home to get ready for work. I purchased it earlier in the week from and am very surprised how quickly it shipped. :) PS: Purchased that necklace from forever21. It just seemed to fit my mood this morning, but im really digging it for more dressed up looks too.

Earlier in the week I also purchased this bar soap from a company called "Pangea Organics".
Thats actually the exact one that I ordered off Ebay (Olive Oil and Coconut). Im pretty excited to get it simply because Ive been watching so many youtube videos about these products and I really want to see if what they describe to be the "pangea experience" is true or not. They are a great company from what I have seen so far, just a bit pricey. I got my soap off Ebay for around $10 with shipping. They have a facial scrub that I would absolutely LOVE to purchase, but that shit is straight up around $30. I dont know if I can make up ANY lie to justify that amount of money spent on a facial cleanser (especially since Im big into making my own sugar facial scrubs and cleansers, for Free.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Asian Eyes

Have you heard about this? Circle Lenses. They're a huge hit with the Asian females and are basically contact lenses that make your eyes appear bigger like a dolls eyes (or like anime eyes).
ChaigYaru has a blog post detailing all of the different pairs of lenses she has, and which ones give what kind of effect.
Here's also an OFFICIAL Circle Lens thread I found that has some real good info with lots of pics. They sell for about $20 on average but some of then can be way more expensive- going up to the $50 range.
I know what you're thinking... probably the same thing my boyfriend is thinking... That they are just a damn waste of money. BUT LOOK HOW CUTE THEYY LOOOOKKK!!!

I really cant deny the awesomeness of the look. And I'm sure i could also justify the purchase by giving myself the "think of all the self confidence you will have" speech. Needless to say, ain't no damn contact lens going to make me feel valid as a woman, but Im sure it wouldnt hurt to throw on one night out on the town with some friends.

I'm still on the fence about em. I dont think im going to purchase them anytime soon, but they would be a pretty cool christmas gift ;)
Here are a couple of places you should really check out that I have been perusing as of lately:


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Skin Food purchase last night!

So last night my boyfriend throws call of duty on just was we're getting into bed (modern warfare) and I have shoveled off onto the computer corner. I really just wanted to watch tv and relax but hes just been OBSESSED because it just came out and its one of his top fav video games. I started surfing the Ebayz and just to get me out of his hair (im sure) he reassured me it would be a good idea to buy these products I have been eyeing for quite some time. Needless to say, I did it, and I only feel somewhat guilty for spending more money this pay period.

SKIN FOOD'S PEACH SAKE TONER!!! Yaaayyyyy and Mushroom BB Cream!!!! :D
I really want the whole peach skincare line but its just too much money for me right now.

I REAAALLYYY also wanted to purchase one of their power compacts! They have serious SPF and can I just say how fucking cute do they look!?

I will most likely post something about them once I start using them. I cant wait... Maybe... If I use enough of this shit, I might turn Korean :D

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hello November 3rd.

Wowie zowie. What a day! I planted Brussels sprouts and cauliflower even though I have no idea how they grow. We will see what happens I guess. Also: harvested TONS of oregano and some green onions too. The oregano was just getting too out of control. Aside from harvesting a bunch for friends and family, I also separated some and made two other potted oregano plants. Yes. Success.

Finished the night at Kyojin Japanese Buffet. Holy shit. These two images of my friend George pretty much sums it up:

Goodnight everyone. May your dreams be filled with asian food, art supplies, and gardening. <3
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