Thursday, November 19, 2009

What a treat!

I got my new bag in yesterday apparently (no one told me anything!) and saw it this morning when I arrived at my home to get ready for work. I purchased it earlier in the week from and am very surprised how quickly it shipped. :) PS: Purchased that necklace from forever21. It just seemed to fit my mood this morning, but im really digging it for more dressed up looks too.

Earlier in the week I also purchased this bar soap from a company called "Pangea Organics".
Thats actually the exact one that I ordered off Ebay (Olive Oil and Coconut). Im pretty excited to get it simply because Ive been watching so many youtube videos about these products and I really want to see if what they describe to be the "pangea experience" is true or not. They are a great company from what I have seen so far, just a bit pricey. I got my soap off Ebay for around $10 with shipping. They have a facial scrub that I would absolutely LOVE to purchase, but that shit is straight up around $30. I dont know if I can make up ANY lie to justify that amount of money spent on a facial cleanser (especially since Im big into making my own sugar facial scrubs and cleansers, for Free.)


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