Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Asian Eyes

Have you heard about this? Circle Lenses. They're a huge hit with the Asian females and are basically contact lenses that make your eyes appear bigger like a dolls eyes (or like anime eyes).
ChaigYaru has a blog post detailing all of the different pairs of lenses she has, and which ones give what kind of effect.
Here's also an OFFICIAL Circle Lens thread I found that has some real good info with lots of pics. They sell for about $20 on average but some of then can be way more expensive- going up to the $50 range.
I know what you're thinking... probably the same thing my boyfriend is thinking... That they are just a damn waste of money. BUT LOOK HOW CUTE THEYY LOOOOKKK!!!

I really cant deny the awesomeness of the look. And I'm sure i could also justify the purchase by giving myself the "think of all the self confidence you will have" speech. Needless to say, ain't no damn contact lens going to make me feel valid as a woman, but Im sure it wouldnt hurt to throw on one night out on the town with some friends.

I'm still on the fence about em. I dont think im going to purchase them anytime soon, but they would be a pretty cool christmas gift ;)
Here are a couple of places you should really check out that I have been perusing as of lately:



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