Tuesday, April 13, 2010

you, all, everybody.

Just some more pictures from my backyard..

HEY! Do you remember last year when Lush stores had a "Do it yourself mud ball corner"??? Well these are the wildflower that emerged from those mud balls. I enjoy them quite a bit.. thanks Lush!

I cant wait for these guys.... fucking. delicious. Theyre growing AMAZINGLY also. Not one stitch of disease or aphids.. I hope I dont jinx myself. :|
So far so good...

One thing I MUST share with all of you....

I have not been able to stop from reading and watching everything I can from this man. Hes amazing and has really made me think about my choices and the things I surround myself with.

Please check out www.danielvitalis.com for more info

Friday, April 9, 2010

Aubrey Organics Review

Recently I have been looking for a more natural alternative to hair care and skin care. I have recently been using a lot of products from The Body Shop. I know there are a lot of you out there who really enjoy their products- but for me, I felt as though they would sell me on this "natural" idea about their products, but when I would use them, I felt as though they were very strong. I dont particularly have sensitive skin- but something about how they were reacting with my body made me think that maybe they werent as "Natural" as I once thought.

I found out about www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/ and I was really shocked about what I found.... All the products I have been putting on skin had so many chemicals in them that are known to cause cancer, hormonal shifts and imbalances, and lots more. This doesnt worry you at all? Think of a Nicotine Patch and how EASILY our body absorbs it through our skin.

I had heard about Aubrey organics through the youtube beauty community and decided to give it a try.

And guess what?! I can read, pronounce, understand and am familiar with ALL-- ABSOLUTELY ALL of the ingredients found in their products. You know whats even better? The products actually really work!

I cannot get over how amazing this conditioner smells! I could lather myself in this all day. I bought this conditioner for Dry and Brittle hair thinking that it really wouldnt moisturize as much as I would like since its all natural, but boy was I wrong. My hair not only smelled amazing- but it was also soft- shiny- and highly conditioned. I had put so much on my roots that the next day my hair was already super oily :| Gahhh, I gotta get a handle on it!

The moisturizer that I chose by accident was for Normal Skin. Great :( I have super oily skin and I thought that this would be wayy too much for me. How my face stays Matte all day and soft to the touch when I use this is beyond me.
I highly recommend this product.

Used this in the shower while I was shaving my legs and whatnot and it felt amazing! There seems to be a slight warming sensation on the skin.
(and when I mean slight, I mean slight. I dont mean how the drugstore brands say 'slight' and then youre running to the sink to wash FIRE off your skin)

These are just some of the products I have been using from them recently and that Im loving! I also have a soothing oatmeal mask I have yet to try, and a makeup remover that I use everyday. It seems to be a blend of different oils and gets rid of makeup so easily and leaves my tender eye area soft.


I buy my Aubrey Organics at  www.vitacost.com
Very affordable! At the end of the day, nothing is more important than your health. If youre going to be spending $$ on all that fake shit out there- might as well make the switch and spend your money on the good shit.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Recent Purchase From Forever21

I'm geared up for summer... A lot of these items were on sale- i will list their price as well.

(Everyone should have a lazy sunday romper)


(Doesnt really go with the summer theme, but couldnt definitely use these going out at night)

(getting in touch with my inner dream catcher indian woman)

(Denim Shorts, not crazy boots)


(Yea thats right. I bought it.)



So thats all! I am missing one shirt that I couldnt find to show you all... maybe they sold out? All i know is that this summer- I want to be OUTSIDE. Last summer it seems I tried but didnt try hard enough. Come sundays, I will make sure theyre are activities abound!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A trip to the fruit and spice park

I havent enjoyed myself so much on a sunday as I did yesterday in a while.. I took my mother, sister, and cousin to the fruit and spice park and we feasted on fruit all morning...

Elderberries! It was such an unexpected surprise when I saw that they had elderberries.. I just placed an order for 1lb of dried elderberries on Friday or Saturday-- Such a gorgeous plant-- the berries AND flowers can be used in tinctures or in teas to fight viral infections. :)
what a fun day, I wish I could do it all over again today...