Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just missed the morning glory bloom this morning! I had no idea which one I planted so it was a pleasant surprise to see pink!

Also, my peas sprouted today! YUUUSSS! STOKED!

and just for good measure...

tomorrow i will do more gardening and hopefully i will have more images to share :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday once again

Went to an arts fair yesterday where there werent really any ARTS at all, but there were definitely food trucks! FOOOOOOOOOODDDD


Baby Abuelito......

All in all, the heat was too much for the hot food. I felt like dying and wished that it could of been a cooler day in Miami... I would of definitely enjoyed the food a lot more.

Some pics of the garden:

Transplanted a baby aloe..

Basil has to be, my favorite herb. Ever.

Tonight I think I may go home and start a new pickle batch.. lets see what happens.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Started the day off with some gardening... Re arranged the containers and added a lovely table I found by a dumpster.
...tomatoes, serrano chili's, black beauty eggplant... Oregano, Rosemary, all sorts
Of basils, dill and parsley... The collection is growing!

Had some lovely friends over and cooked Indian food... Well.. I am actually blogging about this as it's happening so hopefully I will have some pictures of the final product..

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

I cant wait for fall..

I understand that there really isnt such thing as "fall" in Miami.. at least not until way way later in the year (something others would call .. winter.) but just the thought of the wind picking up and the breeze getting cooler makes me feel all warm and ridiculous inside.
With that thought in mind.... I purchased some more seeds today. I am intent on growing food, no matter how small the apartment space I have! Oh yea.. and threw in some flowers for good measure.

Does anyone have any efficient and clever potting ideas? Im very limited with space and have begun to accept vertical gardening.. wondering what else and how else I can get more plants in....