Thursday, April 8, 2010

Recent Purchase From Forever21

I'm geared up for summer... A lot of these items were on sale- i will list their price as well.

(Everyone should have a lazy sunday romper)


(Doesnt really go with the summer theme, but couldnt definitely use these going out at night)

(getting in touch with my inner dream catcher indian woman)

(Denim Shorts, not crazy boots)


(Yea thats right. I bought it.)



So thats all! I am missing one shirt that I couldnt find to show you all... maybe they sold out? All i know is that this summer- I want to be OUTSIDE. Last summer it seems I tried but didnt try hard enough. Come sundays, I will make sure theyre are activities abound!


Anonymous said...

cute items! I especially like the romper, the Indian inspired top, and the ribbon clips! :D

Pooka said...

thanks! im excited to wear them asap- theyre just so comfy and cute!

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