Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recent Purchases!

Ok! No more purchases for a long time! I promise!
Ordered this super cute blue floral dress from as well as this necklace. So cute! Ive heard good things about this website from some youtubers that I subscribe to. Very reasonably priced items and I hear its fast shipping (although I havent received my package yet) So I am very excited to see how it all looks.

Have you heard of Pure Luxe Cosmetics? There so so many awesome reviews about this company and the wonderful woman running it. I ordered:

SAMPLE Eye Color
Item# , SAMPLE Eye Color: Darling
$1.00 USD1$1.00 USD
5g Translucent Matte
$4.00 USD1$4.00 USD
SAMPLE Powder Foundation
Item# , Choose Shade: Ivory
$1.00 USD1$1.00 USD
Item# , SAMPLE Lip Wand: Nymph-o-mania
$1.25 USD1$1.25 USD

They have $1 samples! How amazing is that? And when youre talking about loose powdered pigments, youre talking a whole lot for a little but of $$

Another E.L.F. purchase? Yes please. Studio line is awesome. Along side these products I also picked  up a tweezer (just because I refuse to continue using the busted up one i have at home) and I think also an eyebrow kit (dont own one, but need one) and one other product I just cant remember for the life of me right now. Let me just say- I have chonga eyebrows without meaning to! My eyebrows DO NOT GROW. Whats up with that ladies? I think i plucked them thin one time when I was 18 and theyve stayed the same ever since. Bummer. Must add makeup to thicken.


Please check out the Nars Muliples set is selling for $40! Just one full sized multiple is that price, here you are getting 3 smaller sizes. In case you dont know, just one Nars multiple can last you for what seems a lifetime, so i am definitely ok with have a smaller size product but receiving three different shades! One of which is their ultra famous "Orgasm" shade. Oh yes. Sweet Delight.
PS: Yes. That is the Kim Kardashian perfume (rollerball style bitch). Maaannn, forget that woman- her fragrance just smells awesome! Right up my alley: Gardenia, Honeysuckle and whatnot.

Ohhh maann Cant wait to recieve all of this in the mail...
What? It's been a good couple of weeks at work! Plus, no more shopping for me for a long, long time. Im getting my shit together!


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