Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Photos Courtesy of Becky

Check these guys out! These are only SOME of my seedling army. The ones on the top right are morning glories... beautiful vine but they grow like crazy! Look how much bigger they are than anything else in there.

This morning I awoke to some caterpillars eating my tomato leaves! They look super freaky with huge thorns sticking out of their asses. I didnt think caterpillars really even liked tomato plants, but I guess I was wrong.

-----BREAKING NEWS------

In the middle of this post I started to google different types of caterpillars and found that they creatures on my plants look to be Eyed Hawk-moth babies! Ok so im not so scared anymore. I will allow them to feast because they are growing lads and ladies and they need their nutrition. My plants are pretty big so I think they can withstand some leaf damage.

Also: can anyone tell me what im growing in this one--->
The really tall fellows....I seem to have forgotten what I planted there. PS: The three black containers on the top are growing my farmers market lettuce blend! Baby romaines pretty much....

Well, thats all. Just wanted to do a garden update. :)


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