Thursday, June 11, 2009

You can go your own way

Holy Moly Guacamole! My very FIRST HSN purchase. The Jamie Oliver Survival cooking set! It pretty much brings every pot you could need (including a wok) with tops and all in one small little set! Its made from T-Fal so they have red circles on the bottom of the pan to let you know what temp the pan is at. Awesome! All for two easy payments of $60. Hey- its do-able. Its especially made from my lover- for people with small kitchens, or to cook in small spaces (begin fantasy of jamie cooking in the garden, now.) so its just going to be perfect for my new apartment! Dont think ive lost sight of it!

Its been sort of slow at the shop for me the last couple of weeks so I feel really guilty about buying it... All i can do is think of Cee Cee girl and wonder if by next week I will have enough $$ for her lab tests. :(

Selfish selfish selfish!




missabba said...

It is totally sweet and you shouldn't feel bad about buying it. You only live once! And what better way to blow your cash moniez than on obsessions with totally hot English chef/gardeners?

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