Saturday, June 13, 2009

C'mon KIM@!

Don't know exactly I am posting up this picture, but I found it on my laptop- its Steve and I.
Steve works at our other shop location. He is a tattoo artist. Fun times.

Jon goes in to work tomorrow at 7pm for inventory... and while this must be incredibly annoying for him (hes working until 3 am) I am loving it because it means that I get to spend the day with him! Yay! Gardening projects may be put on hold until next sunday due to the extravaganza that will ensue.

They opened up a Teavana near me and that makes me eternally happy. I absolutely LOVE tea and its about damn time more youngsters start drinking the stuff! There are so many health benefits, and the flavour combinations are fucking great. Wait a minute... did I just spell FLAVOUR instead of FLAVOR?! God damn jamie oliver! Youre english ways are seeping into my subconcious brain!!

Here ya go. Another random ass picture I found on my laptop. It is Jon and I sitting at a fancy shmancy restaurant giving the camera awkward smiles. Thank you Jon parents. Due to your love for food- I have filled my belly many times with delectable treats that I would of otherwise never been introduced to.


Yes. This post really has no subject or purpose. I am just so fucking bored and felt the need to blog. Yes. I sound- hip and pretencious. However, I dont have any life changing messages or ideas. :P


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