Monday, June 22, 2009

Setting up a Flickr Account

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Hey guys, just set up my flickr page.. just uploaded some pics from the garden- Hope to update it often. Well, just as often as I update this blog I suppose. That image there to the right was taken this morning- and its a little something I threw together yesterday :)

Bottom right is my red coneflower plant, mint to the middle left, and that big ol barrel on top has three more echinacea plants as well as some morning glories planted in the back there. Cant wait to see them climb all over the old chair there.

This guy over yonder is my zucchini plant! My only one left! I had another one that was doing well, but as soon as its first blossom came out, something ate it all up in a days notice! What could eat so fast?!

I planted more on sunday... two more to be exact.... We will see what happens...

Check out its lovely blossoms to be! There are so many of them clustered together! The plant is just so healthy that I hope it stays this way forever! (I hope I dont jinx it.. :F)

Holy crap! I almost forgot... I planted some Cucumber seeds as well.... I just had them lying around and I just kinda got crazy with it. I hope they do well- Ive never grown them before. If I could take back time, I would grow Mexican Sour Gherkins! I just recently found out about them and was ALMOST tempted to order them as well. (I held back, alright!) So im
growing some regular ass cucumbers- I think theyre english cucumbers. Seeds are softer and less frequent in this variety. I will leave you with one more picture........

My Hydrangea!! Look at them buuuddss giirrrlll~


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