Friday, May 29, 2009

Worry Some

I finally received my pansy seeds (they have already been planted) and dill plants. Im not sure if the plants will make it... it seems that they were too young to survive the postal traveling that they had to do. For my birthday- I purchased many more seeds. They are all pretty much heirloom and organic. Theres something about starting a plant from seed that is just so rewarding.
My mother is still feeling allergic to god knows what. She swells up- mad itching- hives- Dont know where its coming from. Lots of doctors visits. Lots of stuff going on. Because of some of these many things- I find myself escaping with gardening.
Taking care of my plants makes me feel good, and I think this is because I feel so helpless in taking care of my mother- I worry about my ferrets- im never home- whats going to happen when I move out?

This morning I found two tumors under both of Cee Cee girls armpits. This worries me tremendously. #1: Is she going to be ok? Is this what I think it is? Maybe its just a swollen something or other. Maybe its liquid Im feeling. #2: I cannot afford this. What if she needs surgery? Im never home! I work too much! How will I take care of her? Keep her wounds clean? Make sure shes eating and drinking water properly?

Im really worried.

Theres just been a lot on my mind..


missabba said...

Is she still eating well and drinking? I think some monitoring is in order before freaking out too hard. In any case, you want to arm yourself with as much information before you take her to a vet. Also, vets are very accommodating with bills. You can have them set you up with payments if the bill is too large to handle all at once.

And Momma will be fine. Just stay positive! Remember that stress and worry only make things worse, so try to keep her happy and laughing.

Anyway - party toniiiiight! <3 <3 <3 Wait 'til you see your present. Eeeee XD

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