Monday, May 18, 2009

Romping about in Homestead, FL

I had so much fun yesterday! I told myself all week to take pictures of our adventures, but alas, I did not. Very typical of me. It was just Gaby, Chris, and I, and we started the day with delicious dim sum! Damn, we were so full, it was ridiculous. Headed over to fruit and spice park and found out that apparently there was an orchid festival going on at the same time.
The whole park was filled with 50 something yr old women with big straw hats and crocs. We decided to do our own thing and started wandering about by some trees and whatnot when we realized that they were all (for the most part) fruit trees! We just kept picking about, mostly for seeds of course since most of the fruit wasnt really ripe at all. Ate some mulberries, some wild tomatoes- so amazing.
Later we went to this nursery that was down the street. I believe it was called "Richard Lyons Nursery" or something like that. Pretty awesome HUGE space. Random cats would follow us about the rows of vegetables and trees. Picked up this awesome plant called "Bat Face". The flowers really do look like bat faces!

They all look so menacing. :D


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