Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things are looking up

Started this blog today because I think I really do need an outlet. Somewhere where I can write about things that interest me, and dont really have to worry about anybody else. With that being said- I took a few pics of my garden this morning..
Seedlings!! Planting things from seed take so long and I hate the wait- but the pay off is so good! You really feel like these plants are your children, and you watch over them and take care of them. In the image- starting top left we've got Squash, right: Scallings (green onions), bottom left: Evening Primrose (yellow) and right: Portucaca (sp?) Its a weird name but beautiful flowers! I hope they all work out, especially the flowering plants, because sometimes Miami can be just took much for most of the plants I wish I could have in my backyard.

This sunday Im metting up with my good friend Gaby and we're going to check out an awesome nursery in Homestead. Hopefully I will find some super cool stuff. It is her birth
day on the 16th so I purchased something over the internet for her (not gunna spoil it here!) and also I am giving her a piece of a new gorgeous lavender plant I just recently purchased.. Blooming and everything!! I really hope likes it and Im pretty sure she will. Hell, I would love something like this as a gift!


missabba said...

we're going to own that nursery so hrd. PREPARE FOR FRUITZ AND FLOWERZ.

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