Friday, May 22, 2009

Jamie Oliver (My Lover)

Beginning Jamie Oliver obsession... NOW.

So lately at work whenever I have a slow moment, I look up Jamie @ home videos on youtube. Its one of my favorite shows on the food network, but they seem to play it at all sorts of odd hours when people are CLEARLY busy doing things (which almost insults me). I ran to the comfort of youtube and found lots of videos that people in the UK have recorded of his shows. He is a genius. He is the epitome of how I love to cook- PLUS: he intertwines gardening into it as well! There are some clips where hes just sitting on a stool in his garden with a bowl and a pan and all he does is get the FRESHEST ingredients e v a r from his garden and just like that- hes got an awesome dish. Super simple, super easy- super DELICCIIOOUUUUSSSS. :D
I ordered his cookbook (jamie at home one) yesterday because of course my obsession now must manifest itself with shopping, and I cant wait to receive it! I wanna cook forever and ever and ever, and make every recipe in the book.
That sounded like waaayyy too much teenage angst in that last statement. O_O

I will keep you posted. Anyone. At all- who reads this.


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