Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where oh where is my jamie?

Where, Oh where- is my Jamie cookbook?! I ordered it off Amazon last week (used, so I have to wait for some person to mail it out themselves) and Im just so impatient! I want to read all of the delicious recipes and I hope there are little gardening nuggets in there too! The best part about reading anything he writes is that you can SEE the accent. Hot. Plus- he uses all sorts of funny words for everyday things (thank you Essex, England!).

My pansy seeds have yet to arrive as well. I will cut them some slack since im in Miami and theyre in Oregon. They have quite a bit of traveling to do.

Tonight I am going to try and watercolor some flash. I really hope I do well and pick it up easily, because I want to have an army of delicious watercolored pooka prints for sale soon....
Wish me Luck!


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