Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pansy this, Pansy that

I purchased some Black Atlas Pansy seeds this morning. I had made a mental note somewhere once about how incredible and metal they look. I was looking through the Nichol's Garden Nursery catalog this morning and when I spotted them- that remembered that note I made to myself and -- well--- I just couldnt help myself!

I know Ive told myself a thousand times that I would stop purchasing to much damned garden products, but PANSIES! I don't have them- ANY- AT ALL! They're just so awesome looking. They look so good on the ground- or in pots- or in color combination with other plants.... and how could you forget the awesome little puppy pansi
es in Alice in Wonderland? We all know how much of a fan of Alice I am, and so- the purchasing begun. I also bought another pansy seed packet of these blue and yellow ones (the name escapes me now) and i just cant wait to plant them!

Last night I did the strangest thing.. instead to meeting up Jon at the tavern.. I decided I was going to go to Walmart and just "look around", which is my way of tricking myself into being put in such a situation that I just cant walk out without SOMETHING in my hands! Of course I walked right over to the garden section, but since it was 10:00 pm- all the fresh plants were closed off. Im perusing the seeds, pots, and whatnot and I actually dont find anything that I want bad enough to buy. On my way out- I stop by the clothing section and also dont find anything.. (ive been spoiled by charlotte russe and forever21)... I cant believe I actually walked away with absolutely NOTHING. It makes me very proud inside.


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