Friday, May 29, 2009

Worry Some

I finally received my pansy seeds (they have already been planted) and dill plants. Im not sure if the plants will make it... it seems that they were too young to survive the postal traveling that they had to do. For my birthday- I purchased many more seeds. They are all pretty much heirloom and organic. Theres something about starting a plant from seed that is just so rewarding.
My mother is still feeling allergic to god knows what. She swells up- mad itching- hives- Dont know where its coming from. Lots of doctors visits. Lots of stuff going on. Because of some of these many things- I find myself escaping with gardening.
Taking care of my plants makes me feel good, and I think this is because I feel so helpless in taking care of my mother- I worry about my ferrets- im never home- whats going to happen when I move out?

This morning I found two tumors under both of Cee Cee girls armpits. This worries me tremendously. #1: Is she going to be ok? Is this what I think it is? Maybe its just a swollen something or other. Maybe its liquid Im feeling. #2: I cannot afford this. What if she needs surgery? Im never home! I work too much! How will I take care of her? Keep her wounds clean? Make sure shes eating and drinking water properly?

Im really worried.

Theres just been a lot on my mind..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where oh where is my jamie?

Where, Oh where- is my Jamie cookbook?! I ordered it off Amazon last week (used, so I have to wait for some person to mail it out themselves) and Im just so impatient! I want to read all of the delicious recipes and I hope there are little gardening nuggets in there too! The best part about reading anything he writes is that you can SEE the accent. Hot. Plus- he uses all sorts of funny words for everyday things (thank you Essex, England!).

My pansy seeds have yet to arrive as well. I will cut them some slack since im in Miami and theyre in Oregon. They have quite a bit of traveling to do.

Tonight I am going to try and watercolor some flash. I really hope I do well and pick it up easily, because I want to have an army of delicious watercolored pooka prints for sale soon....
Wish me Luck!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jamie Oliver (My Lover)

Beginning Jamie Oliver obsession... NOW.

So lately at work whenever I have a slow moment, I look up Jamie @ home videos on youtube. Its one of my favorite shows on the food network, but they seem to play it at all sorts of odd hours when people are CLEARLY busy doing things (which almost insults me). I ran to the comfort of youtube and found lots of videos that people in the UK have recorded of his shows. He is a genius. He is the epitome of how I love to cook- PLUS: he intertwines gardening into it as well! There are some clips where hes just sitting on a stool in his garden with a bowl and a pan and all he does is get the FRESHEST ingredients e v a r from his garden and just like that- hes got an awesome dish. Super simple, super easy- super DELICCIIOOUUUUSSSS. :D
I ordered his cookbook (jamie at home one) yesterday because of course my obsession now must manifest itself with shopping, and I cant wait to receive it! I wanna cook forever and ever and ever, and make every recipe in the book.
That sounded like waaayyy too much teenage angst in that last statement. O_O

I will keep you posted. Anyone. At all- who reads this.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pansy this, Pansy that

I purchased some Black Atlas Pansy seeds this morning. I had made a mental note somewhere once about how incredible and metal they look. I was looking through the Nichol's Garden Nursery catalog this morning and when I spotted them- that remembered that note I made to myself and -- well--- I just couldnt help myself!

I know Ive told myself a thousand times that I would stop purchasing to much damned garden products, but PANSIES! I don't have them- ANY- AT ALL! They're just so awesome looking. They look so good on the ground- or in pots- or in color combination with other plants.... and how could you forget the awesome little puppy pansi
es in Alice in Wonderland? We all know how much of a fan of Alice I am, and so- the purchasing begun. I also bought another pansy seed packet of these blue and yellow ones (the name escapes me now) and i just cant wait to plant them!

Last night I did the strangest thing.. instead to meeting up Jon at the tavern.. I decided I was going to go to Walmart and just "look around", which is my way of tricking myself into being put in such a situation that I just cant walk out without SOMETHING in my hands! Of course I walked right over to the garden section, but since it was 10:00 pm- all the fresh plants were closed off. Im perusing the seeds, pots, and whatnot and I actually dont find anything that I want bad enough to buy. On my way out- I stop by the clothing section and also dont find anything.. (ive been spoiled by charlotte russe and forever21)... I cant believe I actually walked away with absolutely NOTHING. It makes me very proud inside.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Zucchini on fire

Look at these guys! This is one of my zucchini plants that I've been going on and on about. Massive! They grow like if they're on steroids and I love it! GABY: I must go to your house on sunday to bring over tons of seedlings and whatnot- including several zucchini plants. I just dont have the space for so many! If you would like some seeds... let me know. I can share the wealth. :)

I wonder if I can spread them about without my dogs totally kicking their ass. On another note: the rain lately has been great for the veggies! Everythings growing so fast and nice! I cant wait to taste the first veggies from my backyard- so. rad.

On another- another- note: Can I tell you how much i love &
Things are cheap, attractive, and there is such a variety of things... i have to hold back so as to not purchase everything i see.
BTW- check out this SHIRT:

Doesnt this just scream "Jersey"?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Romping about in Homestead, FL

I had so much fun yesterday! I told myself all week to take pictures of our adventures, but alas, I did not. Very typical of me. It was just Gaby, Chris, and I, and we started the day with delicious dim sum! Damn, we were so full, it was ridiculous. Headed over to fruit and spice park and found out that apparently there was an orchid festival going on at the same time.
The whole park was filled with 50 something yr old women with big straw hats and crocs. We decided to do our own thing and started wandering about by some trees and whatnot when we realized that they were all (for the most part) fruit trees! We just kept picking about, mostly for seeds of course since most of the fruit wasnt really ripe at all. Ate some mulberries, some wild tomatoes- so amazing.
Later we went to this nursery that was down the street. I believe it was called "Richard Lyons Nursery" or something like that. Pretty awesome HUGE space. Random cats would follow us about the rows of vegetables and trees. Picked up this awesome plant called "Bat Face". The flowers really do look like bat faces!

They all look so menacing. :D

Friday, May 15, 2009


Dude. I have to take another picture of the squash seedlings. Overnight they hit a growth spurt and now look huge! Pretty crazy... this means i will have to prepare an area for it sooner than I thought.
I have FLAX seedlings growing now on the other hand... small and skinny- so cute! so... delicate! Ok, I have to come clean here... I have a reason for growing flax.. and No: its not for health purposes. Its actually a plant I used to harvest in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion for the Xbox360. Thats right! I dont care! I am a geek. :P
Its just so pretty! And what better way to remember one of my favorite games than to have THIS growing in my backyard.

On another note... my poppies... my ICELAND poppies.. are almost ALL dead. I have one plant left in a container.... I hope it survives. What was I thinking? Such a plant most definitely can NOT survive in horrible Miami weather. :P Oh well, looks like im just gunna focus on the lovlies I have growing right now. <3

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things are looking up

Started this blog today because I think I really do need an outlet. Somewhere where I can write about things that interest me, and dont really have to worry about anybody else. With that being said- I took a few pics of my garden this morning..
Seedlings!! Planting things from seed take so long and I hate the wait- but the pay off is so good! You really feel like these plants are your children, and you watch over them and take care of them. In the image- starting top left we've got Squash, right: Scallings (green onions), bottom left: Evening Primrose (yellow) and right: Portucaca (sp?) Its a weird name but beautiful flowers! I hope they all work out, especially the flowering plants, because sometimes Miami can be just took much for most of the plants I wish I could have in my backyard.

This sunday Im metting up with my good friend Gaby and we're going to check out an awesome nursery in Homestead. Hopefully I will find some super cool stuff. It is her birth
day on the 16th so I purchased something over the internet for her (not gunna spoil it here!) and also I am giving her a piece of a new gorgeous lavender plant I just recently purchased.. Blooming and everything!! I really hope likes it and Im pretty sure she will. Hell, I would love something like this as a gift!