Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some Pictures Before Work

Here are some scallions that I had purchased to eat, but never got around to em. I decided to place them in a cup of water and over the course of a couple of days- they grew some new roots so i decided to plant them. Never tried this method before but I have read about some people who have and turned out growing SUPER MEGA CRAZY SCALLIONS. I hope they get to that extreme level...

BTW: Did you know that you can eat the flowers of impatiens? Seems like grandma's favorite flowers are a bit more useful then I thought.


Sheila said...

I had never heard of growing scallions that way, but I guess it makes sense! BTW, my son has a little tattoo shop in Tucson, Rogue Tattoo!

Pooka said...

Cool! Yea I had found out about it through another blog. I'm pretty sure I can continue to cut the tops for food- and the scallion will continue to grow and produce more. :D

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