Monday, March 8, 2010

Garden Update Once Again

Cosmos! Some of my favorite flowers

Beautiful Snap Dragon-- (Go Ahead and click on the image to see its full size and bounty!)



If you know me at all, you know how much I love Rhubarb. Last year I had posted on this blog about how sad I was that Rhubarb just wasnt available to eat and cannot grow in my climate.. Im still pretty sure this plant will never grow as well down here in Miami than other areas such as the UK- but Im willing to give it a try.
Last year I stumbled upon frozen rhubarb in my local grocery store and really really enjoyed making pies and whatnot with it. About a couple of weeks ago- BEHOLD! My grocery now carries FRESH rhubarb (but its all wrapped up in seran wrap and nonsense).. very excited about maybe more baking with the fresh stuff. 
Yesterday I stumbled upon the PLANT at my local home depot and of course HAD to purchase it. I really hope it does well- at least a little bit, and I will most definitely post its progress here on this blog.. I feel as though I should name him...

And Lastly:

I harvested some Cauliflower yesterday. Cooked it up and ate it with butter, salt, and pepper- AMAZING. So Good.


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