Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Garden Update and Adventures from Last Night

Hey! I have more then one cauliflower growing! Oh hell yes. Also, the brussel sprouts are getting so big and strong im expecting some sprouts anyday now :)

Thats right.. Im growing cut and come again lettuce in a Pilon Coffee can (Thanks to Jill and Her Roomie for these great cans!)

As for last night- before we sat down and watched Lost, we decided to grab some grub at a food truck nearby that I have been hearing so much about. Its called the yellow submarine and you can read a great review on it HERE @

yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yuuummmm..


Lost was awesome last night btw... and these delights just made everything that much BETTER.

(I got the Killer Queen!)


The people who run the truck are so nice! They gave us free brownies!! :D
I will leave you with Ralphies mug as the lasting impression in your mind of my life last night. Enjoy.


Bangchik said...

I keep failing at growing lettuce. Nothing germinates so far... ~bangchik

Pooka said...

This is the first time is seems to be doing anything! I have tried two other times :) Hopefully it will get far

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