Monday, July 6, 2009


Tonight ladies and gentlmen, I am making Nigella's delicious vietnamese shrimp and glass noodle salad! I saw this recipe on youtube and fell in love (with the idea of it anyway) and Im really happy to try it out tonight for dinner. For the last 3 nights I have eaten a lot of fried food and a lot of beer. Instead of making me feel yummy- I feel crummy. (ya like that?! it rhymes) Ive been terribly fatigued lately and have been having headaches almost every minute of everyday. I think its a stress/bad eating/birth control pill combo. Triple threat!

Also: some... THING ate absolutely ALL of my carrot seedlings! ALL OF THE CARROT TOPS. This actually hurts my heart... :( Ive been so excited for them, and now theyre all gone. I planted s'more but Im scared they will have the same fate.


Note to self: Once every couple of weeks, I shall purchase fresh, delicious, organic (for the most part) items of nutrition (fruits and veg) from Norman Bros. Produce. I will make an effort. Try new things. Make everyday food exciting! ... All when I live on my own, that is. :P


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