Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey Life- What Gives?!

Nasturtiums are supposed to be very easy to grow- but I have tried and tried and now have finally had two of them started! Maybe its that damn Miami weather again. The picture to my left here is of one of them finally growing strawberry colander. To the left of that- a thyme cutting that is doing very well! To the right- a couple of sunflower seeds, just thrown i there for kicks: Must transplant.

The vet just called and said that when he opened her up, both glands "looked" normal and so he didnt want to remove either. In most cases, he says, the cancerous gland will be enlarged and the other gland (from not being in use) will atrophy and so appear smaller. Thats how vets know which one to remove. Cee Cee's glands we both the same size. He went perusing the other organs and such and found an abnormal tissue growth, and so removed that and sent it out to a lab to see just what the hell it is... Great.

I mean, Im happy shes not dead or having complications- but shit. Im paying $880.02 just to remove a small piece of tissue that could be nothing at all? The glands are still there and so if the problem is her glands.. Im sure this will mean another surgery in the future. Fuck me.

Im nervous to even see her in such a shaved, stiched up, painful state. My mother is picking her up tomorrow after work and she will be living in my sisters room for the time being. Poor thing.


Through all of this shit, I had a couple of happy moments this morning in the garden..

Check out how big my stevia plant is! Had something munching on its lower leaves so I transplanted it to this lovely planter I recently purchased. :)


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