Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Went to a holistic doctor today for the first
Time. Have to say it was a pretty amazing experience. I have never felt so comforted and at ease in a medical environment. The doctor was able to tell me problem areas without me having to say anything at all. Pretty amazing stuff.
My mother on the other hand doesn't think so- this year, everytime I come
To her with a natural approach to anything in my life, she pretty much laughs in my face. That simple act manages to really discourage me pretty easily. I think, of the facts are there, the facts are there. If it makes me feel good, and is NOT dangerous, they why not? I don't think "because my mom says so" is a good enough excuse as an adult to do or NOT do anything.
It all feels really right so far, just sucks I don't have my mother supporting that thought.


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