Thursday, December 3, 2009

E.L.F. Purchase!

Just purchased some xmas gifts off of the E.L.F. website and Im really excited to see what happens... I really hope theyre good enough quality to be worth purchasing. I purchased a lot of the studio line which Ive heard good reviews about and some of their minerals. I stayed away from eyeshadows and lipsticks/glosses because I think the cheapness of the products really comes through in those types of products.
Here the list!

6307 -Bliss (soft blushed pink)Qty: 1$5.00
84011 -Blush BrushQty: 1$3.00
84002 -Complexion BrushQty: 1$3.00
84007 -Concealer BrushQty: 1$3.00
84008 -Eyeshadow "C" BrushQty: 1$3.00
81502 -glow/lightQty: 1$3.00
85011 -Kabuki Face BrushQty: 1$5.00
7777 -Large Red Gift Bag with White Tissue Qty: 1$0.00
6102 -Light Foundation (for light skin Qty: 1$5.00

and golden undertones)
1713 -Natural Lash Kit-BlackQty: 2$1.00
84010 -Small Angled BrushQty: 1$3.00
85017 -Small Brush HolderQty: 1$5.00
84001 -Small Smudge BrushQty: 1$3.00
6601 -Small-SheerQty: 1$5.00

PS: They are not for me! Boooo. I however have enough stuff like this... I purchased all of this for my darling sister who is just starting out building her makeup collection. :)
I cannot wait to give all of these to her!

PPS: AS OF RIGHT NOW: Enter the coupon code "Loyal" when checking out and recieve a FREE makeup kit with your purchase! They also offer a free gift bag :D



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