Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Skin Food?

Ok, Korean skincare - awesome. With that being said, I have stumbled upon skin food. There are lots and lots of youtubers and beauty bloggers that go on and on about their BB cream. BB stands for Blemish Balm and apparently it originated in Germany. It was created by dermatologists to help patients that have gone through laser skin surgery, to soothe and regenerate their skin.

Then it seems like korean celebrities got their hand on the stuff and a craze was born! Ive read rave reviews on the stuff and probably am going to grab myself one on Ebay since it seems to be the cheapest way of getting a hold on the stuff. A lot of retailers online sell it for $20+ whereas you can grab a bottle (most cases free shipping) for $11. You use it like a foundation- its got SPF protection and tons of great natural extracts to feed your skin (they have 3 diff BB creams with diff properties).

Has anyone used any other of their products?

They have a wide array of skincare products that look amazing, but I dont know anyone who has used them.
Are you out there?!

PS: Have you seen their commercials?! THEYRE FUCKING DELICIOUS.


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